Annual General Meeting

26th October 2019

Held at West End Hotel Fortportal


In October 2019 HAFT held its Annual General Meeting with our Patron Dave Robinson attending from the UK, and other invited guests, including Mr Bryan the Principle of FINS (Fort Portal International Nursing School).  The meeting was held in Westend Hotel, Fort Portal and brilliant ideas were shared and  the annual report was given by the coordinator.  All those present viewed the HAFT Website and thanks were offered to Mr Philip Ward in the UK for producing such a great website. New members were welcomed and goals were set for the year ahead to ensure that HAFT grows and is sustainable.


  1. opening prayer
  2. introduction
  3. remarks
  4. from the speaker.
  5. from the  coordinator
  6. from the patron
  7. from the guests


1. Opening prayer from Kobugabe Frolence. Thanked god for the gift of life, our gathering and let let everything we share be of great importance in our lives.

2. Everyone introduced themselves including the guests.

4. Communication from the speaker Mr Levi Busige

Mr Busige introduced himself and elaborated the meaning of HAFT activities and apologised for the lateness of the meeting which should have commenced at 10:00am but was delayed by an hour due to bad weather. He further spoke of the continued sharing, HAFT connection, and its own routes of gratitude.

5. Communication from the coordinator Mr Rauben Tumuhimbise.

Mr Tumuhimbise introduced him self and congratulated fellow HAFT members. He apologised again for the delay of the meeting because of the climate conditions, welcomed invited guests who were present and mentioned other guests who were absent such as district health officer of Kabarole District, Rev. Steven Karyibala of Nyantungo Church of Uganda and director FINS Mr Kalenzi Victor.

He appreciated all the efforts involved by HAFT members and greatly appreciated the patrons support, advice and help to the organisation.

Great appreciation to FINS Medical University FMU for the support granted to HAFT.

He apologised for the delay of cervical cancer screening project but promised to conduct it as with time. He elaborated on HAFT as an organisation and the activities carried out to date and the challages encountered during health service delivery as it was documented in the report. Lastly he posed a question to the rest of the team and guests in the meeting,”HOW BEST HAFT CAN SUSTAIN HEALTH SERVICES AS AN ORGANISATION” and urged all members to have a say.

7. Communication from the patron Mr Dave Robinson

Mr Robinson greeted all members in the meeting and welcomed invited guests attending the meeting .

He spoke about the office and asked the use of the office to the co-ordinator and the co-ordinator explained the importance of easy accessibility of the organisation and the patron liked it and promised to do something on that.

He requested for posting of the pics and profiles to gain from the community.

He promissed to have new uniforms for the new members and requested the coordinator to identify the number of new members. He continued to encourage long term sustainability of having new members that can help to have sustainability.

He suggested an idea of  appreciating the volunteers who have spent time doing volunterly work with the HAFT team by issuing them a certificate of service.

He suggested if he can register HAFT in the UK, he can gain attention in getting funds to support HAFT health activities. Suggest have posts of HAFT for easy identification, talked about the partners and suggested HAFT should be independent from the other partners as they tend to use the rest of the team for their interests.

Requested lastly for the group photo to be posted to the haft website.

8. Communication from one of the guests.

He started by introducing him self as MR Brian Kisembo (Principal of FINS) and greeted the members who had attended the meeting. He appreciated the efforts of the patron and HAFT co-ordinator who have struggled to have HAFT organisation stand, he gave out a similar organisation example of the organisation like HAFT, how it started and really appreciated the coordinator for the great initiative of having a health organisation doing health voluntary work that is really importance here in Africa and Uganda in particular.

He urged members to have strong relationship with district health officer which can aid in health activities connection.

He appreciated Mr Robinson for the idea of opening up a website which will aid so much to the organisation. He encouraged the team to have poster and burners and lastly appreciation for the great work done.


ONE member came up with idea of the opening up a haft clinic.Encouraging every member to help show HAFT gratitude wherever we work or stay. Another member requested to always have accountability before the health education talk so that can help members to support. The coordinator encouraged to have new members to join the organisation and appreciated Dave Robinson the patron to have an idea of registering HAFT as a charity organisation in the UK.


Closing prayer was led by Kayesige Rita