A message from the “Patron”

HAFT patron with FINS students 2019
HAFT patron with village boysI first became aware of ‘HAFT’ in March 2017 while I was working in Uganda for the charity ‘Amalthea Trust’. I was teaching student nurses and midwives in the care and use of medical equipment. At the time I was an engineer in an NHS hospital in the UK, having almost 40 years experience in the repair, service, and maintenance of medical equipment.

I was in Uganda for just a few weeks teaching large classes of around 80 students at FINS School of Nursing, Fort Portal. I found the students to be polite, studious, well behaved and very hard working, and were a joy to teach.

I discovered that some of my students were committing their precious spare time to try to improve the health and well-being of the poorer members of the population living in the surrounding rural villages.

They had formed themselves into a small group that they called HAFT, which at that time stood for Health Advocates FINS Team. They were doing remarkable work, visiting local villages and providing health education and support, and giving out mosquito nets, cleaning materials etc-. They were also liaising with village elders, churches, womens’ groups, and even local radio stations to get their messages across.

As you will see from this website much of the work they have already done will have certainly improved the health, and quality of life of many people , and will almost undoubtedly have saved some lives too.

I was very impressed and moved by their dedication, and I was honoured when they asked if I would be their ‘patron’ and offer them advice and support when needed. To be honest my role is just to keep a fatherly eye on things, and help in any way I can, as it is the HAFT team on the ground in Uganda who continue to work hard for the benefit of their fellow, less fortunate, Ugandans. I am very proud of them.

I have returned to Uganda several times since 2017 and on each occasion we have had a meeting of the HAFT team. The membership has grown year on year, and at the last meeting (March 2020 (pre-Covid pandemic)) there were over 40 HAFT members present. There is a healthy mix, consisting of a core of the original founder members, who are now qualified and following their own careers , and young students.

Their work and plans are often limited by lack of funds and equipment, so if you think you can help in any way please do get in touch.
Many thanks.

Dave Robinson