Breastfeeding is feeding a baby breast milk, directly from a mother’s breast.

It can also be a process of feeding a mother’s breast milk to her infant by expressing the milk from the breast, and bottle feeding to the infant. Breastfeeding a baby exclusively for the first 6 months of life is effective in reducing infant mortality and morbidity. According to the studies done, 36% of children in Uganda, below 6 months of age, are not breastfed exclusively, exposing them to a higher risk of disease, sickness, and death.

84% of infants born in Uganda in 2017 started breastfeeding at birth, but only 58.3% of infants were still breastfeeding at 6months.

This was due to a number of reasons:  such as social challenges, disease, death, domestic violence, social activities like running a small business, and fear or aversion to breastfeeding.

Proper breastfeeding globally could prevent almost one million deaths of children under the age of five annually according to the World Health Organisation [WHO].

Breastfeeding should take 2-3hrs at least 10-15 minutes on each side, or 20-30 minutes per feed.

Breastfeeding reduces the risks of respiratory tract infections, diarrhea,  asthma, food allergies, and type 1diabetes, and it promotes cognitive development and decreases the rate of obesity in adulthood.

There are also benefits for the mother, as it reduces blood loss after delivery due to better uterus contraction, and decreases the incidence of postnatal depression.

It delays the return of the menstrual cycle and fertility [lactational ammenorrhea] and reduces the risks of breast cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Signs Of A Hungry Baby

      • Crying
      • Licking their lips or  sticking out their tongue
      • Rooting (moving their jaw, mouth, or head to look for breast)
      • Putting their hand in their mouth
      • Opening their mouth
      • Fussiness or irritability
      • Sucking on things

Some Techniques To Use During Breastfeeding.

A mother should feel comfortable, relaxed and loving preparing to breastfeed the baby.

A mother should do personal hygiene before and after breastfeeding  the baby to protect the baby from diseases/infections

these techniques are used during breastfeeding and in a best position of the mother;.

      • The Cross Over Hold
      • The Football Hold
      • The Reclining Position
      • Getting A Good Latch

Let us all educate our mother’s on breastfeeding. This is valuable in saving babies lives and promoting the health of our next generation.

Tumuhimbise Rauben

Nurse Coordinator HAFT-UG

[email protected]