An update on the work of HAFT during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.


Like the rest of the world, life in Uganda was severely affected by the restrictions put in place by its Government to try to contain the spread, and prevalence of Covid-19 among the population. This included the closure of schools, markets, churches, hotels, etc, and severe limitations on travel. Unlike many richer countries there was no financial support for the general population, even though many lost their ability to earn a living, causing much hunger, distress, homelessness and hardship.

To add to the problem there were also Presidential, and local elections in 2020 , during which there was some civil unrest, and further limitations were put in place, such as curfews and the temporary shutting-down of the internet.

In common with all other educational institutions in Uganda the nursing school at FINS, where many of the HAFT team are studying, was closed and all the students dispersed to their home villages and towns.

It was therefore very difficult for the HAFT team to effectively continue with their work. However all members promoted safe Covid precautions in their local areas, wherever they were. Giving advice, education, and combatting the plethora of false information that was circulating about Covid.

The team kept in touch with, and supported each other, and some even managed to attend the World AIDS day meeting in Kampala, and some also hosted a debate on Menstrual Stigma on the Voice of Toro FM Radio Station.

At the time of writing the restrictions are slowly being lifted in Uganda, although there are still some in place, but as soon as it is safe to do so HAFT will be back among the community doing its great work to improve the lives, and health of their fellow Ugandans.