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Date: April 28th, 2024

Venue: FINS Medical University, Uganda

Guest of Honor: Rauben Tumuhimbise


Event Overview:

The Health Advocates Frontline Team (HAFT) Uganda held its Leaders Handover Ceremony on April 28th, 2024, at FINS Medical University. This event, graced by esteemed guests and members, marked the transition of leadership, recognition of outgoing leaders, and a collective commitment to HAFT’s mission of promoting health advocacy in Uganda.


Key Highlights:

  1. Leadership Transition: The ceremony commenced with the formal transfer of leadership responsibilities from the outgoing leaders to the incoming ones. It symbolized continuity and growth within HAFT, as new leaders stepped up to guide the organization forward in its mission.
  2. Guest of Honor: Rauben Tumuhimbise, recognized for his contributions to public health advocacy, honored the occasion as the Guest of Honor. His presence lent significance to the event, inspiring attendees with his words of encouragement and support for HAFT’s endeavors.
  3. Certificate Presentation: Outgoing leaders were presented with certificates in recognition of their dedication and service to HAFT. These certificates served as tokens of appreciation for their tireless efforts in advancing healthcare initiatives across Uganda.
  4. Cake Sharing: Following the formal proceedings, attendees gathered to share a cake, fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity. This simple act symbolized the solidarity and shared commitment among HAFT members and supporters towards achieving common goals.
  5. Commitment from HAFT Coordinator: The HAFT Coordinator reiterated the organization’s unwavering support for the team in all health activities. Furthermore, efforts to secure additional support for HAFT’s initiatives were emphasized, highlighting the determination to expand the organization’s impact and reach. He confirmed the support from the HAFT patron, and website manager in the UK.  He encouraged the team to keep up the charitable spirit of doing good works as one way of displaying their religious beliefs and concern for others. 


  1. Chairperson’s Address: Masereka Gofrey, the Chairperson of HAFT at FINS, provided a comprehensive overview of the achievements and challenges encountered during their tenure. This reflection served to celebrate successes, identify areas for improvement, and set the stage for future endeavors.
  2. Interactive Discussion: Ongom, the Speaker, welcomed all guests and facilitated an interactive discussion during the meeting. Members actively participated, offering insights and proposing possible solutions to the challenges highlighted by the Chairperson, fostering a collaborative and solutions-oriented environment.


in conclusion the HAFT Uganda Leaders Handover Ceremony at FINS Medical University was a significant event, characterized by reflection, appreciation, and collective determination. As HAFT transitions to new leadership, the commitments from key figures and the active participation of members underscore the organization’s resilience and capacity for growth. With a renewed sense of purpose and collaboration, HAFT remains steadfast in its mission to advance health advocacy and make a positive impact on Uganda’s healthcare landscape.

Reported by: Ainembabazi Violah,  secretary