This is a popular and well-known radio station broadcasting to the Kabarole district covering most of western Uganda, nearby districts of Uganda, and some parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC )

HAFT have recently been involved in a public health awareness program on a radio show broadcast by Voice of Tooro radio station on the 7th October 2019, encouraging people on preventive measures that can be taken to promote good health. Trying to ensure that the maximum number of people are made aware of preventive measures for Ebola with reported cases in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo putting Kabarole district and the whole western Uganda at risk of this outbreak.

It was a wonderful health talk with people showing great interest in this HAFT health service broadcast.



HIV and the Stigma

11TH November 2019

A further radio show was broadcast on the 11th November 2019 on the subject of HIV and the Stigma of HIV.

HAFT have been actively involved in health education on the subject of “HIV and Stigma”.  We were invited to attend the Family Clinic Program which was sponsored by Platform For The Needy (PLANE) a NGO focussing on Women’s and Children’s Rights and Health Issues .  HAFT chairperson and coordinator Tumuhimbise Rauben  led the team in this health program. HIV prevalence in Uganda is currently around 6% of all 14 to 49 year olds (approximately 8% of all women, and 4% of all men) .  The total number of people living with HIV is 1.4 million, with 53,000 new cases a year, and related deaths from HIV is 23000 per year.  Approximately 27% of adults and 35% of children with HIV are not receiving any medication.

For various reasons people with HIV get stigmatised to mention their symptoms so fail to receive any treatment or help, with the result that they become very ill and the result is often death.  In this radio program we were contacted by a young boy James, born with HIV, who shared  his experiences on-air. Which was very moving and made it the best program possible, exposing the many challenges of living with HIV.